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After a long wait of four years Jal have finally come up with their new album “Boondh – A drop of Jal”. As in “Aadat” this collection also has 12 songs but in place of two instrumental tracks as of Aadat, Boondh has two slow version numbers at the end. Let’s scrutinize what the album in total has to offer to the buyer. Everyone know blue and water is connected but Mr. Murtaza Naiz has taken it to new heights with the cover design, mainly the front cover is exuberant with water lit candle (See Picture). The trio also looks trendy with short hair and something to say on their own about the album in the inlays. A good thing is that the cover has credited all people involved in the making of this album

The album kicks off with “Sajni” vocalized by the lead vocalist Farhan Saeed Butt. This is a typical slow rock Jal kind track with good lyrics that holds the punch from initial guitar pluck. Its video is also out but fortunately or unfortunately the concept has been “inspired” or should I say it resembles ”I Would Do Anything For Love by Meat Loaf”. Leaving these things behind, the next song is “Raatein” with the synthetic sound and beats pumping up this is a charged track crooned by Farhan. It has an effervescent lyrics and the song is overall scintillating. Following it we have “Humain Itna Pyaar” amazingly sung by Goher Mumtaz (the master mind behind jal). The husky but soothing voice of Goher takes the song to next level. Flawlessly penned lyrics by Goher this song has a gripping quality that will get you addicted to this song after you listen to it for sometime. Subsequently Farhan is back with “Moray Piya” the lyric is exquisite and the rock sense looming in the background has made this song prolific.

At track 5 my ears listen to “Main Mast Hoon – Dhamaal” which from the beginning has an easy feeling. The guitars stand out in this song and blend effortlessly with the earthy percussion. Consequently Goher croons “Mahia” or I think it should be Mahiya. It has the elements of the Goher composition but lacks the zing in the music department. Lyrics are also ordinary but Goher has a voice to cover it all up. The next number is “Payal” with vocals of Farhan, this was the first song I heard from this album some ten months back as a promo. Astonishingly composed by Goher, it has a heart felt lyrics that has the power to bring tears to your eyes. A simple composition and arrangement but you like this song from the first listen.Again talented Goher is back singing “Chup Chup”, this song has conventional composition with guitar playing in the background. The lyric is affluent with love and feeling of being in love. So, stay chup and let the song speak for itself.

Next on the list is “Kia Se Kia” (hope they are not advertising Kia motors indirectly) or it should have been Kya se kya, this song is composed, penned and vocalized by Farhan. Now he is also trying his hand in things except singing. It is an ok song but some gripes are the composition seems heavy after the slow track chup chup, the lyrics could have been better. This song has the dark element in it. Consequently the patriotic Jal has included “Yeh Mera Pakistan” with vocals of both Farhan and Goher. It has a earthy paki composition and has ok lyrics to support it. I think they included this song as they couldn’t release their album due to political situation but let it be out of the frame. Next number is the first slow version of the album “Sajni - Slow”, the title track with tempo decreased and arranged with a piano only. The vocals are outstanding and the piano compliments the singer’s pitch and range. Last track of the album is “Hamein Itna Pyaar – Slow”, crooned by Goher this slow version stands out mainly due to the touchy voice of Goher. The arrangement only has the piano and you get the real feeling of this song when you listen to the slow version.

On the whole, this album is a very good value for money. Some things to improve can be Goher should been given some more songs to sing in the 10 song album, use of percussion seems limited in some songs but the guitars have been able to cover it up. If you liked “Aadat” then this is a must buy for you.

Geshan Manandhar
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