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6 years back the musical voyage of Drabyaz band got underway when they were in their eighth standard in Biratnagar. Them they were known as Mirage Guys who were rock performers but with shift of genre to Rock and rap-core they renamed themselves to Drabyaz. Promoting unique music their different is derived from the word Drabya which they say mean “precious jewels”. They want to give ever green songs to the nepali music scenario.

Band is composed of 5 members, Kshitiz Pokhrel in Bass and vocals, Bibin Rijal beating drums and lending his voice for rap core, Sandeep Shrestha in heavy riffs and rhythm. Similarly Aman Dula in lead guitar, mouthorgan and flute, finally Amit Sharma in classical and plugging. The band except Sandeep who joined in later was formed in Biratnagar as the members were of same locality they used to jam together which later tranfromed into a band. Running out from a hostel to record their first song when they were in standard eight was an exciting moment Kshitiz recalls. They are primarily inspired by Linkin Park and voice that they are the first to do alternative rock and rap-core together in Nepal. To name inspirations in the local scene they were quick to point Sugam Pokhrel, Sabin Rain and DA 69.

All being students they say that it’s not easy to practice 2-3 hours a day but they still do that. Concentrating that they have not achieved family support they want to inform that families should support their children who are into music. They also point out that understanding, sacrifice and musical commitment help to sustain a band better. On being asked on rap core they insist that it is a form of rap but it has rock and painful lyrics with rising and falling beats in it which separates it from conventional rap and hip-hop. They divide the work of lyrics writing, composition and arrangement in themselves and claim that all members are involved in all the processes. As it was a new sort of music in Nepal they had some difficulty in arranging the songs in the beginning but they were helped by Mohit Munal and Araj Keshav for the arrangement.

Their debut album is also named Drabyaz which has 8 songs of which video Bhana Timi is on air and getting popularity in musical shows of different TV channels. Tagging Ma Ramro Chhora as their best track from the album they say all teenagers can relate themselves with this song. Howde keti ko katha and Bibas are some distinct tracks in their album. Their songs are climbing up the charts in a significant manner. They promise to release their album within Dashain and also open up that another video is in the pipeline. On the contrary, they say that Nepali music scenario has a politics of its own; it seems that it invites new artists with open arms but the music companies have their own way of treating the new artists which they don’t support. The power war is clearly evident in Nepali Music companies and even media houses. They emphasize that Music companies should judge the artists on the basis of the music quality not only on their own profit motive. Being a new kind of genre with emphasis on head banging and punk music, on being asked if they promote violence they simply tell it is a mirror image of the current social situation. They add it’s their plea against violence via music. On being questioned about tried and tested formula to generate hits mixing rap and rock together they argue that they have tried something really different and unique in Nepali Music scene.

They are running high on promoting the album and are busy in concerts in the coming days and weeks. Concerts are scheduled in different parts of Nepal and India in the coming months. They have really worked hard to compile this album and want to thank all the people behind them specially Mohit Munal, Araj Keshav, their friends, Sumit P.J.B Rana, Amrit Sunuar, Manoj and Rajan Maharjan. They well come all kinds of comments, compliments and suggestions about their songs and album on the whole which can be forwarded at [email protected]. They are even open to any sort of criticism but point out that fans should respect the privacy of the artists. They duly request everyone to listen to their songs and give feedback about their work.

Geshan Manandhar
Around 800 Words.