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We can get piles of statistics proving FOSS better than proprietary and the best solution for a developing country like Nepal. But it’s not about just proving that it’s the best viable solution but implementing it. FOSS in comparison to proprietary solutions costs almost nothing; it is the most important factor in a country like ours. Let’s find out how and why we should ultimately switch to FOSS.


  1. The cost factor, the cost of a single copy of Windows XP + Office is 28.5 months of average income of a Nepali. So it is better to get a distro of Linux and Open for free.
  2. Till now we use non-licensed and pirated software also because of our loose laws in this sector but if the laws were strict we would be compelled to use registered version of all the software that would cost a scalable sum of money, so switching to FOSS and spending some money for support would be a better option.
  3. FOSS is more secure, reliable and stable than proprietary solutions.
  4. There exists a system of collaborative problem-solving in FOSS with use of tools like Wiki, forums, bugzilla etc.
  5. Open standards and vendor independence is another aspect why we should adopt FOSS.
  6. Meeting local technological needs, technological independence, raising local expertise so raising employment.
  7. Availability of localized content and software.

  With news of NepaLinux entering the computers of Ministries of Nepal government, the overwhelming response to One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) and pace catching up in the Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP) for better education sector, the future for open source seems bright in our country but there challenges to overcome for sure.
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Geshan Manandhar