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When I first listened to and watched the promo of the title songs of Cash I was instantly reminded of title track of DUS. No marks for guessing that it was a typical Vishal Shekhar dance track. After Ta Ra Rum Pum they are again set to storm the charts with dance friendly numbers. Now let’s analyze the whole bundle of the album Cash. The cover has an appealing metallic design which I assume is done to give the metal safe feel. It is elaborate enough to depict amazing pictures, lyrics of songs as well as a synopsis but mum in case of giving credits to all the people related to the album. The front cover states that the lyrics are penned by Vishal Dadlani, he has proved his vocal skills with Saainya in Ta Ra Rum Pun now he’ll try to show his wordsmith abilities in this compilation. Other noticeable thing in the cover is BIG music don’t know if it’s a sister company of BIG FM 92.7 but lately it has all the big albums under its banner.

The album kicks of with the title track “Cash” sung by Sunidhi Chauhan and the music director dynamic duo Vishal & Shekhar. As stated earlier it has the 70’s dance feel to it, rhythm is very catchy which makes you sing the song from the first listen but the lyric is hard to get, read the inlay cover for it. Horn sounds, mixture of rap and that fast tempo makes the songs grab attention from the word go. Next on the list is “Mind Blowing Mahiya” average efforts to vocalize by Sunidhi again. The synthetic beats woven with the conventional sounds is impressive but it could have been made better. Lyrics are average but who cares about it as long as it’s a 4/4 beat dance track. Subsequently another number is “Naa Pucho” by Sunidhi and Vishal. This track has all the elements to be a RnB track with the beats, rap to start with and power to make you shake a leg. Techno beats with unique instrumentation makes the track stand out.

Consequently I come across “Rehem Kare” again crooned by Sunidhi and Vishal. The hinglish lyrics still continue to this track as the above tracks. Comparatively easy on the tempo but this songs also has ample beats still let the dance flow alive. At track 5 we have “Naughty Naughty”, you are blessed to hear a different female voice than Sunidhi as Anuskha Manchandani effortlessly executes this really naughty number. Vishal has injected his voice in this track as well. The instrument arrangement is very well placed and the lyric is also very fun but Hinglish again. Another can be item number and a chart topper dance track in the making. Next is the track “Zara Bach ke Jee” vocalized with emotions by Anushka Manchanda and Vishal-Shekhar duo. Now you feel like the songs are getting monotonous with same rap in the back, synthetic sound with 4/4 techno beats, Hinglsih lyrics in this track too. Lyrics are also hard to get as there is Hindi, English and Punjabi also now. Zara back ke jee from this song all you listeners. At last we have “Cash - Extended Mix” a longer version of the title. It is no different than the title except of some more music and less lyrics. It can be said this songs saves the day at the end.

On the whole the album seems over experimental, Vishal Shekhar also join the bandwagon of music director cum singer by singing in more than half of the song either as rapping in the back or lead singer in the track. May be due to giving lyrics for the first time Vishal’s lyrics is just average also being Hinglish almost the whole album but has hampered the overall music of the album, the duo is capable of giving better music than this monotonous album. Another noticeable mistake is singer selection for the first half of the album it seems it is a pop album by Sunidhi with Vishal-Shekhar’s music. No variety in song composition as well as listening to the same voices it’s very painful to the ear after a while if we try to listen to the whole album. Remixes are not a part of the album, I’m perplexed why! There is only one extended mix but not up to mark for sure. So this album though being layered with dance all the way feel shrills after some listens. Pick this album up only if you are a big fan of Vishal-Shekhar and Sunidhi else I don’t recommend the whole album but some tracks are good.

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Geshan Manandhar

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