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Jhoom Barabar Jhoom the title says it’s all it’s a full on dance album. With the recent controversy of Daler Mehndi singing the title which was replaced by Shankar’s voice seemed a very good publicity stunt to me. Leaving these things behind lets scrutinize what the JBJ album complete package is about. You can’t take your our eyes of the four main actors of the flick jumping in mid air and the black, white and red combination in the cover is just killer. The people are well credited in the inlay and there is a page of each song except the triplet title which gives you the feel of the album before you put the CD in the CD player.

The first promo was provoking itself but let’s see how well this multi-star movie will earn after hitting the silver screen. Under the Yash Raj Banner, music by the talented Shankar-Ehsan-Loy (SEL) and lyrics by Gulzar I’ve more expectation from this album than any other in this season. Following the regular SEL trend this album has 7 tracks in total, a thing to note it states “It is RECOMMENDED to listen to this ALBUM at the LOUDEST”.

The album kicks off with the title which is called ”Jhoom”; it is sung by one third of the terrific trio Shankar Mahadevan. With hum-able lyrics and beats to groove into it asks you to put on your dancing shoes from the word go. Crooned in an astonishing fashion by Neeraj Shridhar and Alisha Chinai next we have ”Ticket To Hollywood”. This is a hip-hopish which has been greatly composed in the 4/4 beat format but the instrumentation still have that authentic Indian flavor. Neeraj Shridhar was the best option for this song, it’s a kind of song that falls in his domain. Subsequently I’m able to quench my music thirst with ”JBJ” it has been well uttered by Shankar, Jubeen and Sunidhi. This track also keep the dance feel alive, more conventional instruments rule this song and the overall feel has that punch which will make this song a party rocker.

Amazed to read Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s name in the back cover of the CD in the consequent song ”Bol Na Halke HalkeMahalaxmi Iyer makes an impressive mark. Lyrics are exceptional, the composition is simple but flows through your heart from the fist listen. This is my best song in the album I tag it simply spellbinding. The narcotic voice of Rahat has been well complemented by Mahalaxmi, full marks to the music director for singer selection. The only non-dance track in the album but it sets your pulse racing than other track in the compilation. Be ready to stay away from the “Kiss of Love”, this number has been amazingly vocalized by Vishal Dadlani and effervescent Vashundara Das. The two VDs execute this track with mushy lyrics and fast beat with almost no flaws at all. Vishal joined the bandwagon of composer turned singers with Saiyaan of Ta Ra Rum Pum but here he utters lovely lyrics for SEL. At track 6 there is ”Jhoom Barabar Jhoom” which is droned by K.K., Sukhwinder Singh, Mahalaxmi Iyer & Shankar Mahadevan as it is similar to the title. The lyrics have been revamped and the music has more punch. It is almost similar to the title track; one can call it a longer dhol mix of the title track with added singers and synthetic sound. Last but not the least we have ”Jhoom Jam” and instrumental that has some snippets of all the above songs. Following the trend as in other albums this is a signature SEL track but this time it has a mix of all the songs included in the album. In my view it’s a articulate way to say the album is coming to an end again listen to the songs as a recap.

It is a star studded album as the movie where singers from the Paki maestro Rahat to the remake master singer Neeraj are included. It would have been better if the title was sung by Daler as Shanker is lending his voice to 3 tracks in this album with 6 tracks (except of one instrumental). All in all this album meets my expectations and if you are a SEL fan run to the nearest music store and make your copy of this album safe. Then you can rock your home with the foot tapping music the album as to offer.

Geshan Manandhar

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