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Rajan Ishan became a household name around a decade back when the ever popular song “Basama Chhian Mero Maan” stormed the nepali charts. Now the multifaceted celebrity is more into arranging then in singing. Defining arranging as a job of a makeup artist where the composition of a song is a bride, he exclaims that arranger is the main person responsible for instrumentation in any song in current context.
Born on Asoj 13, 2033 Ishan did his schooling in various schools including Laboratory school, kshitiz school and he completed his schooling in Ranchi, India in Central Academy Siddhartha Institue. He joined colleges like RR campus,Lalit kala and Shanker Dev campus but didn’t really put his heat and soul in studies. He was more focused into music mainly from 2047 BS. About his music career he informs that he was in sports first, he was a black belt in Karate. Unknowingly he shifted from sports to music.
He states now he has no time to listen to songs but he used to listen to Mohamad Rafi, Manna de, Kishore Kumar and Mehendi Hasan. He was also a fan of Scorpians, Michael learns to rock and Brian Adams in the yesteryears. Amongst the various instruments he knows to play like mouthorgan, bansure (murali), guitar, drum, madal, keyboard, dholak and harmonium he likes the guitar most. He says it was the first instrument he learned and he is attached to it more. Ishan had formal trainings for guitar and basic classical course from Nhyoo Bajracharya in Doremi. He has also done Jr. Diploma in Eastern classical music.
Struggle has not been a part and parcel of life for Rajan but he has got his share of working experience required to be a successful arranger he is now. He was an assistant in Alpha Digital Studio where he learnt the recording related tasks. He worked as a recordist in Opus studio and Royaltone studio. He had opened his own studio called Naad but now he has his home studio named Virtual Studio at Sucheka Galli, Ason. He emphasized that work should be done sincerely.
Rajan Ishan as a singer has released two solo albums Rohini vol. 1 (2054 BS) and Ishan (2059 BS). He has also brought out an album as a member of the band Nishad called Nishad (2055 BS) itself. As an arranger he has bagged fifty songs under his belt. Some of the popular numbers he has arranged are “Basama Chhaina”, “Chham Chham”, Namuna, “Priyatama”, “Pahilo maya” and “Kahile aago” and “Maan ko rani” in recent times. Rajan likes to have a versatile approach on arrangement of songs and wants to be variety oriented. He thanks god for making him able to arrange such diverse songs from pop to RnB.
He achieved the best new artist award in Hits FM Music awards 2056. The well admired video of “Basa Ma Chhaina” got the award of best video in SanMiguel Awards in 2056 bagged by Alok Nembang. He has also done jingles for advertisements including the recent advertisement of Quick Chips which features “Basa Ma Chhiana”. He is doing advert jingles for Hama Steel and Ricona as well. There by he has got his hands involved in many fields.
Though he is not in the limelight, he is ahead to say that he is not media shy. He likes to be known as a good compose and arranger. He wants himself to be called as a music director who is a complete package in his own rights. In the pipeline we have Mausami Gurung’s new album, Yash Kumar’s album, Unity’s Next album called Byakaran, Sugam Pokhrel’s next album called Paathshala and Aau mero saath by Satish Shrestha which are all arranged by Rajan. The list of songs will soon reach the century mark when he arranges songs for Agantuk Kharel of which Ban Ma Fulyo Phool is rocking the charts now a days, his own next album, Dhiraj Rai and Satya Swarup Shrestha. In the year 2064 he aims that in the top ten song of the year the top five will be arranged by him.
This down to earth humble human being has changed with time. A decade back he arranged slow song like “Basama chhaina” and how he has arranged hit numbers like Maan ko rani and Pahilo Maya. He claims that now the era is of RnB, hip hop with 4/4 beats so songs should be short in lengthy and catchy from the word go. He also adds that this is the golden period in Nepali music and presence on many Medias has helped uplift Nepali music to this level. He is happy that just by arranging in our country also a person can survive easily. This believer in god stresses on positive thinking and healthy living. He can be contacted at [email protected] or [email protected].

Geshan Manandhar
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