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Pahilo Maya has worked wonders for this soft spoken multitalented artist who has successfully proven his metal in many fields of media. Quoting singing as his habit but he is well versed to sing without any formal training in singing or playing instruments. On the contrary he can and loves to play guitar which he tags as his favorite instrument. He supplements that it’s the base of composition and is lady shaped. He defines music as an integral part of life.
He was born on November 14 in Kathmandu. Asif completed his schooling from Everest School. He joined Ashirwad College to do his +2 in commerce and was admitted to Shanker Dev for BBS but did it from Public Youth. He is fast to tell that the callers on his how identify him as a student of Public Youth. He happily admits that his music career started just by joking but informs that he had to struggle to be the television presenter that he is in current times. He states that singing is a common family hobby and he liked listening to Michael Learns To Rock, Ronan Keating from the West and Shaan and Sonu Nigam from the East growing up as a teenager.
He has tried his hands in works of television producer, video and advertisement director, television presenter, singer and even recently as a RJ. He explains that a TV producer is the one who shoots, edits and airs a program so he can be termed the Captain of the ship. He as successfully produces shows like Lifestyle, Music of your choice, SMS and more and others. He has worked for many Nepali TV channels like Channel Nepal, Nepal 1, Kantipur and Image Televison. He swiftly denies his interest in National Television. As a video director this prolific performer has more than 25 videos under his belt among them his personal favorite is “Jindagi Ma” of Nabin K. Bhattarai which got critical acclamation. Some popular videos directed by the gifted individual are Aankha Bhari by Pranil feat. DA 69, Namuna by Mingma Sherpa, Saathi by Sugam Pokhrel, Yehi ho ta maya by Pranil feat. Nabin K. Bhattarai, and the recent talk of the town she is the bomb by the Unity. He has lent his voice to adverts like Himal Steel, Sunsilk, voice over of Vivek Oberai in Dabur’s ad., Ricona, quick chips etc. He has even directed the advertisements of Himal Steel and Sunsilk.
Though labeling his music career as fun but his album Byakaran of Rap is going to be out till March end this year. The album contains 8 tracks of which the video of Pahilo Maya is a chart topper. The album will be released under the name of Unity of which Asif is an indispensable part. He adds that he has no plans of singing rap but audience will find variety in the album. He clarifies that all songs will be like Pahilo Maya where Asif will sing and the songs will have rap. It has a mix of genres including RnB, Rap, Rock etc. The album’s songs are composed by Asif, Swapnil of Shadows and Sugam Pokhrel has also helped for one song. The whole album’s arrangement credits is to be credited to Rajan Ishan. Asif is quick to say that Nepali music scenario is going well and now is the era of experimental and quality music.
On being asked about his career he notifies that the balancing act between his careers is spontaneous. It is hectic but hassle free as Unity is a team and the singing he does is a part of the team work that eases his pressure. He doesn’t term his as a singer as only a single is out so he likes to be known as a TV presenter. He denies being Jack of all and master of none with example that we study commerce with many subjects like Marketing, English, and Mathematics etc but to pass we must get good marks in all of them. So, people tell me that I’m putting my hands in many things but as the study of many subjects I can handle it very well. He updates that he has no big future plans except to work for and promote his album in immediate future. Finally he puts forward his gratitude to all the fans and supporters and says that he would like any kind of comments, suggestion and compliments. You can send those at [email protected]
Geshan Manandhar
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