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The vivid colors displayed in the front, back and in lay cover back and forth easily prove it is a Yash Raj Movie. Slated to release with a month, the promos aired late if I have to opine. Well the flick seems a race car father’s story with more than enough dose of emotions as the usual Yash Raj film. Back to the cover, the use of balanced colors is impressive, even the cover portrays the hard work done by the stylist and the costume designers so all you style junkies have a teaser what’s in store in the movie just by analyzing the pictures in the in lay. The cover is amply informative with credits to all the people involved behind the album mainly the professionals at the YRF studios. The lyrics of this album are penned down by the exuberant and experienced Javed Akhtar.

This is I guess the second time Vishal-Shekhar’s vibrant duo has given music for a Yash Raj venture. So, I can’t stop comparing it with Salaam Namaste. It had just 4 songs and 2 remixes but this album as 6 songs and no remixes or other versions of the same song. Lets put this album under the music scanner, the album starts off with the title track “Ta Ra Rum Pum” , Saif starts with “Ok now listen up, we are going to tell you a story, a story of 4 guys Ta Ra Ma and Pa”, you can easily guess who is who. The singers Shaan, Mahalaxmi, Sneha and Shravan have vocalized the songs in a formidable manner. I assume Sneha and Shravan Suresh provide the voices for the kids. The lyric is childish but fun to listen to. Percussions stand out in the song, rhythm is catchy and unlike regular movie titles it’s a short track of just 4 minutes. Next is “Hey Shona” , it is duet sung by the successful jodi of Shaan and Sunidhi Chauhan. I don’t know where will they place this romantic number but the instrumentation is awesome. The lyrics are heart-felt and the composition runs thru your heart from the word go. Consequently, a dance track is all set to rock you entitled “Nachle Ve”. The rhythm is gripping as the regular Vishal Sherkhar dance tracks; the use of authentic instruments like the dhol has enchanced the song. The mix of synthetic sounds with conventional instruments is astonishing. Lyric is just good enough but the singers Sonu Nigam and Somya Raoh have executed the song in a remarkable fashion.

At track 4 we have “Ta Ra Ra Ra Rum Tararumpum” which has very hopeful lyrics and points that hope never dies. Prolific singer Shreya Ghosal has done full justice to the composition but this song seems a version 2 of the title track. This track is tragic but supportive on the whole. Subsequently “Ab to forever” comes next on the list, this number kicks of with KK uttering the lyrics which is amazingly supported by Shreya Ghoshal & Vishal Dadlani. The hinglish lyrics by the wordsmith Akhtar is not up to the mark but the composition is in vogue. The proper mix of the typical melodies with the synthetic sound will make it the next chart buster as well as a club rocker. Last but not the least we come across “Saaiyaan” which is tenaciously sung by Vishal Dadlani. I speculate if he is one half of the music director duo of this movie. The theme of the title runs thru this song and the guitars are done expressively by Ehsaan Noorani who is rightly credited in the in lay. Lyrics seem somewhere heard before but the signature Vishal-Shekhar fragrance can be sniffed in this track. The composition is earthy and relevant.

On the whole, the theme’s piece runs through almost all the tracks but amazingly two trends are broken. One bad hinglish lyrics by the maestro and two short tracks by the dynamic duo Vishal-Shekhar. All in all, the movie looks different and the music supports to the themes there by this album can be included in your top 25 great albums.

Geshan Manandhar

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