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When I first heard “Chakna Chakna” on the TV promo I was thinking Himesh Reshammiya is appearing in the limelight after a while and his comeback is so lame. Then after hearing the full song and its remix I was satisfied with his doings. People who don’t keep up to their words are hypocrites so Reshammiya time and again told he will never act but his multi million project “Aap ka suroor” will hit theaters in some months I guess. Criticism apart lets scrutinize the album NamasteY London, why is the y there I don’t know. When I found out that Namastey London was an album with 18 tracks a 2 disk collection I thought I would never review it. The promos were scintillating so I decided to watch the move and it was ok but the music really excited me. The crux of the matter is there are only 7 tracks which as remixes and a new experiment by the maestro Mehfil mix with the legendary lyricist and poet Javed Akhtar reciting some lines himself. So all the lyrics are written by Javed Akhtar, music without doubts is by Himesh, remixes arranged by DJ Akbar Sami with rap by Arya. Cover informs the songs are recorded by Aamir Shaikh. The album is released and marketed by Eros music as film is under the banner of Eros Entertainment, it has all the codes for the ringtones and singtones you’ll need for a musical cell phone.

Ok now to the album, the cover is an eye candy. With enough information and being well versed the cover goes in sync with the whole album. The inlays has middle parted pictures of the two lead actors which seems nice, both disks are printed are printed with same picture depicting the patriotic feeling that the film effervescently carries. Lets scrutinize the music of this elaborate album and put the 18 numbers under the scanner. The album kicks off with the songs we first heard in the promos “Chakna Chakna” the guru himself as usual has sung this song. Lyrics are to the mark but the music seems unconvincing. Still Himesh relies on the 4/4 techno beats but the percussion does have that let’s dance effect on it. The funjabi song with lyrics that depict love is misplaced in the bar. Consequently, again it’s Reshammiya the singer trying to sing “Viraaniya”. This song has heartfelt tragic lyrics. Melody goes with the flow, the use of violin is formidable but at times you think the percussion is more than needed. Next we have “Main Jahan Rahoon” simply my favorite track of this compilation. It is amazingly executed by “Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Krishna”. Rahat the Pakistani music marvel has lent his voice to astonishing numbers like “Lagan Lagi- Paap” and “Jiya Dhadak – Kalyug”. The film kicks off with the remix version of this track I wanted it to be a love song but it turned out to be a patriotic one. Nevertheless, the music of the song is addictive; the balance between rhythm, melody and percussion is impressive. The singer scores on all grounds. About the lyrics, it can be said it depicts lots of love but for the country.

Subsequent track on the list Track 4 of disc 1 is “Yahi Hota Pyar” by Himesh and Sunidhi Chauhan. Lyric of this song are incredible focusing that love never looses hope. The singers have uttered the lyric in a remarkable fashion. Music of the song seems slow but goes very well with the theme of the song. One octave low but Himesh has proved his metal in different octaves. Following it we have “Rafta Rafta” it is credited to R D B. The song is well vocalized by the singers, it says Rafta Rafta but the words are uttered at a fast tempo. Music is the regular Himesh techno theme dance track kind but as the lyrics demands it has the earthy feel to it. The shortest song amongst the lot it measures 4:44. Next is “Aanan Faanan” it is astoundingly vocalized by Jayesh Gandhi and Akriti Kakkar. Jayesh has the popular track “Ishq Ne- Ahista Ahista” under his belt and Akriti has sung many tracks for and with Reshammyia. The songs has up beat lyrics, now typical Himesh music is heard with the hard hitting beats and melody woven together. Lyric of this is change focused with all the things that change in the film. The last real track of the album is “Dilruba”, it is effervescently sung by Zubeen Garg and Alisha Chinai. If I write about Alisha Chinai it will be never enough but Zubeen I noticed from “”Jane Kya – Pyar Ke side Effects” from then he has lent his voice to many hip numbers. He has a narcotic voice that goes inline with the song. The song has a romantic lyric but the music is in vogue and dance friendly. Reversely the use of violin here also had added the extra zing to this song. Again this songs also is placed in a club setting the song’s lyrics is facing East and the song’s visualization is facing West. Reshammiya still stick with the never fail formula of DJ friendly songs, which will be a hit if not they will be played loud in the discos because DJs will remix it what so ever. At track 8 and 9 of Disc 1 we come across “Viraaniya Mehfil Mix” and “Aanan Fanan Mehfil Mix”, Mehfil mixes are not that different mixes of the original they just have Javed Akhter uttering some lines of his poems at the beginning and in the middle as well and more conventional instruments are added in the songs like the tabla so I’ll skip the detail description of these tracks. On the contrary I’ll try to elaborate what I feel about the remixes.

Jumping to Disc 2 now at the 10th track of the album the track 1 of 2nd disc, we stumble upon “Chakna Chakna Remix” I have had always liked the remixes of Himesh’s tracks that also mainly done by DJ Akbar Sami. DJ Sami has remixed all the tracks including this one. This particular track is peculiar; it seems like a dhol mix in the beginning but has mixed flavors as you go into it further. Well, it’s a dance floor oriented track and must listen to all party goers. Next track on the list is “Dilruba Remix”, without respecting the lyrics the song has been remixed relentlessly. The rap by Arya stand out here and “Namastey London” is also audible at places. The remix is very in vogue and is all set to make your heart beat racing. The 4/4 beats go very well with the hitting percussions utilized to remix this song. Subsequently, “Main Jahan Rahoon Remix” comes in the list. It has been amazingly remixed by the DJ. Keeping the feelings of the song intact the song has a haunting effect when remixed but the DJ has done a formidable job.

Next is “Yahi Hota Hai Pyar Remix”, this is also a stereotype club mix. It has the building beats and all the synthetic sounds that make you wanna shake a leg. “Aanan Faanan Remix” stands consequent to the previous number, distinctly this song has fade in and fade out of the voice. The Congo beats really stand out in the songs, without doubts this song can set the club on fire. Next is “Main Jahan Rahoon Mehfil Mix” and “Yahi Hota Hai Pyar Mehfil Mix” that is similar to the above Mehfil mixes. Then we have a punchy remix “Viraaniya Remix”, it seems the frustration projected in the lyrics has been transformed as the beats in the songs. The percussion really hits you hard in this song that implies it will give you the kick to dance your head off. Now with all this dancing you’ll be tired, last but not the least you have “Rafta Rafta Remix” to handle. Still saying Rafta Rafta you put your hands up and start dancing to his fast paced gripping track. Remarkably remixed, this track consists of all the elements for a hit Remix track.

All in all, the album is a good deal for anyone who wants a party album, a slow musical or a regular Reshammiya compilation. The compositions range from tragic, romantic, patriotic to dance track so it well be able to satisfy a diverse range of audience. Most songs are long over 5 minutes that gets to your nerves at times. If you think Reshammiya has made a bad come back listen to the album else if you sense he has made a good come back this will be in you music collection for sure.

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Longest Album Review I’ve ever written as it has 18 Tracks.

I haven’t provided description of the Mehfil mixes but to make it comprehensive I’ve given added information of the singers.

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Geshan Manandhar