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It was 18th December 2006, I had got a call last night on 17th December 2006 that I may have to take Jal’s interview from my friend who works for In your face magazine. I had contributed an article for that mag in the past. I work till 1 AM to jot down the questions to ask the ever popular young and energetic band whose life performance I witnessed just two days back on 16th December 2006. I am a fan of jal for that matter.
The day arrives, in the morning I’m informed to reach the parking of Hyatt at 10. I reach there on time, thing to consider is that I have an exam (viva) to give at 11:30 or 12:00. There seems to a miscommunication but we are informed that Jal has gone for a mountain flight. To no avail, we wait for an hour or so. Then the Jal’s manager inform us they are coming. He meant that they are coming down from their room but we scanned every incoming vehicle to sum up the work. Then Jal’s manager was behaving so good with us.
After around two hours of endless waiting, the terrific trio of Jal finally arrive at the lobby of Hyatt. I run to the lead vocalist Salman Butt and ask him to give me few minutes. Goher is a litter far and Shazi is in his own world. Just as I begin to ask the first question the chameleon nature of the manager shows, he is so eager to move. Informs me that they are getting late. He had ensured that he will provide 10 minutes or so but I had to sum up the interview in just 1:45 mins with just two questions asked. I was so unsatisfied as my hard work was unjustified and I still had a exam to give. Another point to notice is that Mr. Butt didn’t feel the need to stop smoking while answering my question. Do you call this Jal (Manger mainly)’s disrespect to media or what? I really wished that they missed their flight!!!! A ray of hope they had the decency to wave us bye.
The next day I get the anchor story of THT(The Himalayan Times) that ‘Jal’s manager is held with illegal notes’ I was so happy. Let’s put it aside but I’m a big fan of Jal. The way they treated a media person was reprehensible. If they had told they won’t give the interview we could have returned, they didn’t value our time.
Nonetheless, today 27th December 2006 I again get a call when I’m returning home from college. I just find out that I have to interview the creative genius behind Jal – Goher Mumtaz only as others have returned and Manager is still in custody. I was per-informed about this so I had prepared the questions; I jump home print the question and head for the interview at 6. Reach a hotel at Jwalakhel and landed in Goher Mumtaz’s room. He was watching cricket at that time. This man is truly talented no doubts about that as he is the lyricist, lead and rhythm guitarist and above all composes the songs for Jal. Buts still on the contrary to my bitter experience 9 days back he is down to earth and humble. Primarily, the interview as very good, I have recorded it. He did smoke but had the decorum to blow the smoke away from me. A fine-looking tall gifted artist being perplexed by my question was what I enjoyed the most in today’s interview. All in all I must add you must set aside the emotion and feelings in professional life to a level, or it forbids you from giving your best shot.

This was the bitter and sweet experience I had with interviewing Jal. Hope it was likable. If I get the photos I’ll add them up.

Geshan Manandhar
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