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Multitalented Denil Chitrakar was born on 26 Jestha, 2039 at Bharatpur, Chitwan. Son of a lok song singer Sunil Chitrakar, he has been arranging songs from 2056 BS and till now this has arranged around 60 songs. He has come out with his album khubi which has xx number of songs, which he claims he was able to compile in just 4 months. Basically, the album falls in the pop genre so it has not limitation in the audience aspect. Among his own songs he likes “kina chhadyou” the most as it is a slow song and has a hum able melody. He claims that his album is distinct from others as he himself has done all the work for the album and his work is orginal. This multifaceted personality is able to compose, arrange and sing as well. He is also interested in dancing, as a kid he was very fond of Michael Jackson’s dance steps and tried imitating the king of pop. Amazingly, he can even do animation. Fact of the matter is he has himself designed the cover for his album.
Denil liked listening to Narayan Gopal as he grew up. He also admires Nepathya, Sanjay Shrestha and Karna Das in the recent times. We can say that music runs in his blood, his grandfather Mr. Nil Bahadur Chitrakar was a classical singer, his father Mr. Sunil Chitrakar used to sing folk songs at Radio Nepal. Then his father also tried his hands on modern songs. His life is like a journey. Born in Bharatpur, he did his schooling at Biratnagar and then arrived to Kathmandu in 2052 BS. His first recorded song happens to be “Mero Sapana Bhitra” when he was in grade 10. He has ten years of working experience in Nepali music scene and he truly opposed the concept of music piracy. He believes that currently in our country a singer cannot sustain his life by just singing but also blames the pirates who pirate music for this situation. He argues that if one listener likes a song s/he should buy the original CD for the promotion of the artist and respect the creation and hardwork of the artist.
He informs that he didn’t have to go through a struggling period as he used to arrange songs for other artists. He adds that working for the album was a secret until it came out as he used to spend hours on his computer. After completion of the album, he just approached two companies and among the two Situ Digital liked the songs and accepted to market it. He also shares he has had a very good experience with Nepali media. The FM stations have played his songs so as to promote new artist. His first video “Sundari” is also enjoying good air play. He notifies that he has achieved admirable response from our mass media. He also shares that he had a learning experience shooting the video of “Sundari”. He is thankful to his friends Bandhu Adhikari and Ram Kumar for helping whim with the lyrics of some songs of his album.
In future he tells that he has another video in the pipeline for his song “Kina Chhadyou”. He enlightens that he is not considered a professional singer or an animator. Being very much interested in animation since childhood this arranger turned singer also wants to try his hands in professional animation. He is currently studying Maya at MACC. We wish him more success. You can contact his at [email protected] .
Geshan Manandhar
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I had taken an interview to jot up this Artist Profile, Next will be of Asif Shah (Took his interview for the profile too) will be here,as soon as it gets published in “Neo Showbiz” Magazine. This particular article was published in “Showbiz” Magazine Dec 06 Issue.