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I have been using Nokia 6100, for the past 3 months. It’s a small and very handy phone with many the features. Being a Nokia product it emphasizes on user friendliness.

Undoubtedly, it has very good sound quality. The reception of signals is also fine. The battery life is also satisfactory. The best thing about this phone is that it’s small and very well designed. Just fits in my palm and easy to operate.

Only one game is available chess puzzle when you buy it. It supports USB connection to a computer via a data cable from which you can transfer data is that given space of 256 Kb for polyphonic midi ring tones, pictures and application (games). The organizer is also a handy tool to use; I have many day notes and remainder for jobs. Writing messages is also easy. Alarm clock, calculator comes in very useful. This GPRS (Global Packet Radio Service) enabled phone give me comprehensive access to the internet on need. I am addicted to changing the wallpaper and ring tone almost daily.

The point I am not satisfied with is that it instantly stores the numbers in phone memory. Other than that the 8 channel midi ring tone playback is also somewhat lame. Though a color mobile, but the display is not up to the mark as it is 256 color display. Playing graphic intensive games on this phone is not that satisfying. It says it has infrared but I don’t know the service point in the phone. If anyone knows please inform me.

All in all, the phone is a must have for the person who wants a color mobile without extra features associated with a camera. If you don’t want a feature rich phone with mp3 player, FM, sound recording and video recording this is the best color mobile for you. I find more pros then cons in this model. It is really value for money, after it’s a Nokia product, which connects people.

Geshan Manandhar

Around 350 Words

It was written in June 2006, so may be a not that proficient in use of language.