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My wrist watch is striking 5 after college is over. I have to wait till she gets a micro bus and then run home to catch my favorite TV show “The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron”. You might think it sounds like a cartoon, you are right it is a cartoon show. Previously aired on 5:15 pm now at 5:45 it has eased off the pressure a lot. You might ask why a guy past teen age still watches cartoon!!!
The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, an American animated television series, is a spin-off of the Oscar-nominated computer-animated movie; Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, first officially aired in September 2002. This is also the first computer-animated Nicktoon. The first time I watched it, it was in the middle I just loved the graphics. The graphics was great the characters amusing and the comedy very much for the masses not only for the small children.
The central character is Jimmy Neutron, in the town of Retroville, Texas, who gets in and out of trouble by inventing far-out gadgets. Jimmy’s main catchphrases are “Gotta Blast!”, and “Brain Blast!”, or simply the most overused phrase, “That’s it!”, after coming up with the ultimate idea to solve the problem. Jimmy typically has a “Brain Blast” once an episode at the climax of the story when all other ideas have failed, and it is accompanied by a visual of his ideas floating within the inner workings of his brain.
He is ten year old genius inventor whose inventions tend to cause more destruction than help, and usually it’s up to Jimmy to save the day against his own creations. He has an extensive laboratory below his clubhouse which is accessed via hair DNA scan. Carl and Sheen are his best friends. He has a robotic dog named Goddard.
His never ending fights with Cindy Vortex are another interesting aspect of the show. Though they love each other from inside due to peer pressure and other reasons they always fight. I just love the sequences between those two. On my recommendation many of my friends have added Jimmy to their never miss shows. We all need a way to relax; in reality it’s not possible to relax at the max so in fiction and in cartoon it’s just out of the way to let your imaginations flow. That’s why I love to watch Jimmy, it’s the no. 1 in my rankings just give it a try at 5:45 PM Tuesday-Friday on Nickelodeon channel and feel it for yourself. As far as I can I never miss it, It’s a show that will engulf you in itself for half and hour, try it to believe it.

Geshan Manandhar
Around 450 Words
I had even Made a website using Drupal but couldn’t update it due to lack of time, If you people like Jimmy and want to help me you are welcome. See the website it has problems still.