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Honeymoon travels Pvt. Ltd is a relatively long name for a flick but the initial promos were humorous and expressive. Vishal-Shekhar’s dynamic duo has given a variety of numbers in this album but they have their creativity centered on dance tracks. The cover design is relevant and revealing the back cover even gives the artists who have played instruments, programmed songs etc in the album which is different as well as respectful to the artists behind the curtain. The mix of blue, pink and brown for Sea, Love and Sand is impressive on the covers. The fun conveying snaps of the jodis with the signature bus in the cover and inlay covers of the CD is articulate. The six jodis on the cover remind us of a recent film but here the married percent is cent percent.

Album kicks off with the first aired song entitled “Sajna Ji Wari Wari” which is sung by Sunidhi Chauhan mainly and Shekhar Ravjiani’s name is also visible in the color. Capivating techno beats seamlessly blended with conventional instrumentation with formidable lyric makes this song stick to your head and your mouth from the word go. It’s a short song but has the punch to put you down in one listen. Subsequently, we get to enchant our ears with “Jaane Hai Woh Kahan” which portrays the vocal skills of the talented Shreya Ghosal and effervescent Shaan. The use of synthetic percussion and regular instruments has added the extra zing to the song which already has a commendable lyric by Javed Akhtar. Akhtar has inked the lyrics of all the songs in this album. Next on the list is “Albela Albela” which is executed by Mr. Breathless himself Shankar Mahadevan and Vishal Dadlani with elegance. The rap back vocal supports the song’s dance feel. The lyric is amazing and the song on the whole makes you want to jump on the dance floor.

At track 4 the sweet music of guitar runs down the ear with the song “Halke Halke”. This emotion provoking lyric of this track is vocalized by Neeraj Sridhar from the Bombay Vikings fame. The singer has uttered the words with grace. The music is simple and very easy to the ears. Melody grips your heart effortlessly and the upbeat instrumentation is simply astounding. Consequently Sunidhi Chauhan and Gayatri Iyer have amazingly executed the song titled “Pyaar Ki Ek Kahani”. The salsa type music makes you want to shake a leg. The earthy but powerful lyric goes in sync with the will to do tango in the jive. After it we have “Haath Dhore Niye Chalo” which has a Bengali title I suppose. This is an instrumental track to be more precise produced by Funcinternational. This has all the qualities of a techo/ house type music with the typical 4/4 beats. The words in the beginning and some parts of the music make it ideal choice for a background piece and a good track to end the party in style. Last but not the least, we have “Halke Halke Remix” by Neeraj Sridhar again. This time the tempo has been increased and significant amount of percussive beats have been added. This is a dance floor friendly track for sure.

All in all, this is a good effort by Vishal-Shekhar which I sense goes comfortably in sync with the movie. There are just above half a dozen tracks with one remix and one instrumental but most of the tracks are dance numbers which is fun. Variety in similarity is highlighted by the dynamic duo in this album. If you have liked prior album by the music director duo then you can be missing something if you don’t have this album till date.

Geshan Manandhar

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