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This interview got published in “IN YOUR FACE” magazine Feb 06 ISSue

Good-looking and talented Goher Mumtaz is the creative mind behind the astonishing success of the Pakistani band Jal. He is the lead and rhythm guitarist, lyricist and composer from Faisalabad. Multifaceted Goher has also proven his vocal skills in songs like Dil Haarey and Panchhi. He sold his cycle to get a guitar when he was 21. Gohar first came up with the songs of Aadat back when he broke his leg in Faisalabad and was bed-ridden for 6 months. Unexplored by the media but he is the real man at the rear of all the success and popularity Jal has tasted.

Last time you were not satisfied with the lyrics you jotted/wrote?
No such experience as the lyrics is discussed amongst us and if anything is not satisfactory or incompatible it is discarded or replaced by something convincing. I don’t really remember a situation to be unsatisfied of as I’m pretty convinced about writing the stuff.

Last time you were really impressed by your own song?
I must say it’s Teri Yaad and title song from our album Aadat, there is another song from our new album Payal but I’ll disclose it only after the album releases.

Last time you all really felt like home in a foreign land?
Difficult question…Ah… I think it has to be New Delhi, India because its close to culture of Pakistan and the girls there are similar to Pakistan. The people the whole environment is like that of Pakistan.

Last time you were bored by a concert/performance you had to deliver?
Something that we had to perform was last time in Road Killa, India. We had to take a flight from Delhi to Calcutta which as two and half hours, the we were told that the place was at a 6 hours drive from Calcutta to Road Killa but it turned out to be a 13 hour drive. We were all tired and didn’t even get chance to change. I didn’t shave and was in my sandal and the ‘sardion wali’ cap, but we did perform.

Last time you were bored by a concert/performance you had to witness?
Actually, I’m a crasher kind of a person. I like going to concerts and things. I used to go to concerts by Junoon, Strings, Fuzon, EP back in Pakistan. I was convinced by all of the bands performances. Above all I liked Mikal Hasan Band’s performance. I love the performances.

Last time you argued over shade/goggles?
I’m a very good shopper. I know how to shop. Last time I bought a shade was in New Delhi, I paid IC Rs. 7000 for it and that’s worth it.

Last time you debated over Pakistani music?
Just last night, I had a discussion with the organizers. We had a huge discussion over the music, what is the importance of music, what kind a content makes a song successful. We had a huge debate on Urdu, Pakistani bands like all the bands including Jal.

Last time you visited your own official website?
(Giggling)… A month back, we had made a few changes at that point of time and visited to check the updates are done right by the webmaster.

Last time you composed/arranged a song not for Jal?
None, I’ll always compose for Jal. My every song will be for Jal.

Last time you thought of changing profession?
Actually…I’m satisfied with what I’m doing. I think I don’t want to change it. The respect and fame we have got is something totally unexpected. I’m definitely happy with it and this is what I always wanted to do. There are some ups and downs but I’m pretty much Ok with it.

Last time you thought of climbing Mt. Everest?
I’ve never been to Mt. Everest, How can I… But I really want to see Mt. Everest. Next time when we will come probably if February in Pokhara for the concert I’ll see it at least. This time due to lack of time it was not possible.

Last time you bunked classes?
Ah…I’m doing my MBA, I’ve taken up my semester break which started in September. I always bunk classes as we have to do a lot of things including practice and concerts. I regret being a celebrity as all the professors know my face and my other friends can try proxy attendance and still get away with it, but I can’t.

Last time you had a nightmare?
Nightmare… I’m really tensed about the happenings from the last one week. We came to Nepal and want to take good memories back to Pakistan but the circumstances are not that good. It is our first time in Nepal but the events haven’t turned out as planned.

Last time you really felt like a rock star?
Well, for being a rock star you got to have the attitude. And I think… I don’t know people can tell that I am a rock star but I believe that I don’t have an attitude to behave like a rock star. I’m kind of introvert, but when I’m in a bad mood I become the rock star. So I try not to get in that mood.

Last time you three jammed for hours without knowing about it?
Lot of times, back in Pakistan we jammed for 2 o’ clock. When me, Farhan, Salman and Shazi we all forget to see our watches and try to sing and sing. It has happened many times, last time was before coming to Nepal we were in India. It happened one and half months back.

Last time you liked being lectured at?
It was just last week when I went to Pakistan Embassy here in Nepal. He didn’t give a lecture but he guided me really well. I really liked that as there was someone who took care of us. He guided me like a father.
Last time you liked being in a class?
It was our class of Macro economics when the professor asked me to give a presentation. I did it very well and got the highest marks in the class, it was good.

Last time you were home and had food cooked by your mom?
It was on 23rd November, when it was my younger sister’s birthday party. There was a family gathering and I enjoyed it very much.

Last time you said this is the last time?
I just said that. ha.. I actually think a lot of about other persons. Persons who are really close to me I’m over-worried about them. Last time I had to think so deeply about a person but I cannot help it.

Last words for our readers.
Well read this interview. I would like to say thanks for the love and respect you have given. Thanks to all people who came to the concert, the turnout was huge. This is the first time, next time we will come we will have more concerts. I want to tell them to come to our concert. Enjoy and thank you.

Interview taken on 27th December 2006.

Geshan Manandhar