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Addiction 2 can be termed as the sequel of the controversial album Addiction with the popular song Mai Chhori Sundari. Compiled by DJ Santosh and marketed by Reeyaz music the album cover is very exciting but under informative about the singers and rappers specially. It is startling that the DJ himself has been featured in the video of the first track of the album Chiya Bari Ma. He informs that it was the need of the video and acting is hard.

The album initiates with “Chiya Bari Ma”, sung very well by the singer and reinforced equally by the Rapper Sammy. The music is pulsating and the beat matching achieved by the DJ is impressive. Next on the track is “Chandra Surya”, energetic mix of conventional instruments and synthetic sounds with percussive techno beats is lively. But, my personal feeling is that the patriotic song could have been left untouched. After that we have the ever popular “By Road Ko Baato”, this song has a very catchy lyric to start with. The DJ has put vital effort to give it a house mix feel with 4/4 beats. With no doubts it’s simply groovy. Subsequently, we come across “Nachi Deu Maichyang”, the percussion of this song hits you hard. The singers have also poured their heart out to make this song stand our. Next is “Gharbeti Naani”, this song has a urban touch in the beginning but when the lyric is uttered it takes you back to the classics. The captivating rhythm with simple lyrics makes you listen to this song again and again. Then we have the regular 4/4 beat remix called “Maiti Ko Kausi”. It is well vocalized by the singer and I am a big fan of the song’s lyric. On the part of the remix its just the right party starter to set the dancing mood.

At track 7 we have another controversial number “Bhenda Ko Oon Jasto”, this song has the rocking beats to make anyone jump to the dance floor. The singer can be picked up for some negligible mistakes at times but on the whole the song is pounding. Next on the list is “Jindagani”, the use of flute has made this song truly stand out. Again the blend of beats with standard instrumentation is done seamlessly by the talented DJ. In this song the singer selection could have been better. Consequently we bump into “Saal Ko Paata” it has got all the ingredients to make it a popular dance number. The hard hitting bass beats makes you go wild on the dance floor. The singer has uttered the words skillfully and the lyric is also outstanding. Rappers have also contributed their part to uplift the song. The DJ here deserves 9 out of 10 for this great remix. Next track is “Musu Musu” this is a techno blend of the two songs one in hindi from a movie and the next our own musu musu hansi deu. The singers have completed a remarkable work. Again the beat matching by the DJ seems to be flawless. To conclude we come across “Maichhori Sundari Extended Mix”, with more focus on a power back beginning this song seems to be an instrumental in the beginning. The effort to keep the original sounds intact but still adding new foot tapping beats without polluting the song is admirable. The cross-fade are also actively heard in this song, over all the song is great to put a full stop in any party.

On the whole the album is better that the earlier Addiction 1. Almost all the tracks have rappers shouting yo and yeh here and there but they do add vitality to the song. Technically, the professionals have executed there job like the professionals. This album should be included in your top 10 party albums.

Geshan Manandhar (About 650 Word with title)

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